Choosing the Most Suitable School Activity For Your Child

CCA, otherwise known as Co-Curricular Activities is an essential part of a child’s stay in all schools in Singapore. During my time, it was called ECA – Extra Curricular Activities, but the context is still relatively unchanged. A CCA is basically an activity that the student undertakes in addition to his or her normal academic load. I remembered that my parents used to have a huge debate on the types of CCA I had chosen so here is my five cents worth on it:

o Sports CCA: Basketball, Tennis lesson Singapore Soccer, Badminton, Swimming, Tennis etc.
Pros: The child picks up a sport which he/she is interested in and gets coaching on the techniques as well as the physical aspects.
Cons: Well, my parents were afraid that I may get injured, that is quite the concern for all parents. Another would be spending long hours under the hot sun during the training sessions.

o Uniform Groups CCA: NPCC, Red Cross, Scouts, etc.
Pros: The child will be inculcated with a sense of discipline with the uniformed groups. This is beneficial for the child’s development.
Cons: I remembered my dad commented: Son, you will be serving National Service when you are 18, why do you want to serve earlier by joining NPCC? I thought that was pretty funny. Similarly, uniformed groups require a fair bit of time in training regarding foot drills and other related courses.

o Clubs and Societies: Chess, Library, puptownhouston Band, Calligraphy, Computer Club, etc
Pros: The child will not be exposed to the sun and will most probably be indoors at all times. This is suitable for children who prefer mentally challenging activities in the comfort of a room.
Cons: The child could find it a little mundane, The majority of kids these days are quite active these days. If he does not have any interest in these CCAs, he will find it tough to focus and maintain his attention span.

In summary, a CCA is a definite must. This is a form of activity outside the classroom which aids in the child’s overall development. He or she can interact with other students in addition to picking up a new skill. Most parents dislike their children spending too much time on their CCA. However, coffee cart Melbourne from what I’ve learnt through my CCAs, I realized that I have gained many valuable lessons from my CCAs and shaped me to the person I am today.

Hence, I would suggest letting your child decide for himself. Then have a nice and two-way chat with him to understand why he made that choice. Communication is important. Letting the child make the decision is essential as this is a significant step about his own decision making. Furthermore,  dictating what CCA for him to join could lead to unhappiness. We will want our child to have a happy and memorable childhood right?


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