The Value of Digital Marketing

It is estimated that by 2014, mobile phone usage will overtake the usage of laptops. What’s more shocking is that out of the approximate 4 billion cell phones being used worldwide, booking-a-cruise about a quarter of those phones are smartphones, and at the very least, SMS compatible. So what does this mean for marketers?

We all know that people are searching for information on the web now more than ever. Whether it’s to check movie times, bookonlinecruise find a local coffee shop or to check the status update of our friends on Facebook, we can find the information that we seek by simply logging in and clicking a button. Marketers today must face the fact that people are no longer using traditional print media to find the information that they are seeking as they once did a few years ago. Mobile phones and computers are simply easier and more up to date on the information we are seeking.

It’s a shame that most marketers are not using the valuable online advertising tools available to them today. Print advertising costs continue to rise, msccruises while its effectiveness is quickly dying. Ads in newspapers, magazines, and billboards have a an increasingly difficult time reaching their target audiences, and advertising dollars are being wasted simply because of yesterday’s best practices. It simply doesn’t make sense to put an ad in a newspaper, or pay thousands of dollars on a flyer or coupon, if the advert is reaching customers that have no intent to buy your product.

The traditional advertising model is as follows: spend a fortune telling everyone about your product, and hope that a few respond. Today, comforthottubs digital marketing techniques allow you massively cut your advertising spend, and reach only those customers that are willing and able to both physically or virtually buy your product. You no longer have to use a golden megaphone to pitch your business, think of it now more like having a cost effective, meaningful, one-on-one conversation with someone who is already interested in what your have to offer.

There are so many cheap and effective ways to use the Internet in order to reach customers. Google advertising is one of the best tools available today. This enables marketers to present an ad on Google,  Bing, yahoo and similar search engines to customers specifically looking for products like the ones you offer. For example, if a customer searches for running shoes on Google, you can pay to have your advertisement pop up in the browser when the user types in “running shoes” into the Google search box. This is known as pay per click, as you pay Google every time your ad is clicked, not for every time the ad is shown. Another example- say you are selling snowboards, and a customer is already watching a snowboarding video on YouTube. You can pay to have your ad pop up in, next to, or below the video they are watching. This captures the customer in a state of engagement, and is the perfect time to position your brand.


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