What The Conspiracy Theorists Need To Know (Part Three)

The New World Order is moving forward at a rapid rate of speed. We are witnessing an unprecedented push for the New World Order throughout the world. The conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones, kms auto Lindsey Williams, and Jesse Ventura are having a field day with all the news about the New World Order agenda.

The balance of political and economic power has shifted away from America over the past decade, however, over the past two years the speed of our demise makes the stealth bomber at warp speed look like an ant attempting to catch a car doing fifty miles an hour. I believe a solid foundation has been put forth over the past two articles in regards to the timeframe of this movement, dryer repair san diego generations and generations of families have moved Satan’s agenda to where we are today.

History reveals this truth; Newsweek May 1987 an article read; ” A truly global economy has emerged. Major countries are tied together by financial, trade, fancy name and communication connections whose magnitude was barely imagined a few decades ago. We don’t fully understand all the interactions among nations, but most countries have clearly lost some control of their own affairs.”

The Economist Journal 1988 front cover depicted a Phoenix rising out from the ashes of burning world currencies, around it’s neck was a gold coin on a chain, imprinted with the words, “TEN PHOENIX”. The coin was imprinted with the date 2018. The picture is entitled “Get Ready For A World Currency” The article within the journal ends with this statement, “Pencil in the phoenix for around 2018, garten and welcome it when it comes.”

1979 Dr. Franz Pick, A renowned world currency authority was quoted as stating; “The most serious problem we face today is the debasement of our currency by the government. The government will continue to debase the dollar until it will be forced to create a new hard currency. When that day comes, it will take at least $100 to buy a new dollar. A currency reform is nothing but a fancy name for state bankruptcy. The currency reform completes the expropriation of all kinds of savings. It will wipe out all pubic and private bonds, most pensions, all annuities, and all endowments.” cat house

Willard Cantelon, author of The Day The Dollar Dies wrote; “The world system will be praised and promoted by brilliant men. With elegance and apparent logic they will persuade men that this is the path to peace and security. The world leader will rise to power with flattery and gain complete control of the military and monetary powers of all nations.” SEO

The Bible is clear; A New World Order will emerge within the end of days, and the spirit of the Antichrist has been moving towards it for centuries. He sits at the same crossroads America sits at and his spirit is moving through the progressives within America and through families of the world to establish the New World Order.

In the middle of this battle sits the AMERICANS, the holders of the key to liberty and freedom. We are the greatest gentile nation to have ever existed, built solely on Judeo-Christian principles. We decreed the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as the God of this Nation, yet, Home deco over the past several generations we have moved away from Him, we have stopped worshiping Him, repenting and praying. By moving away from Him, the spirit of the Antichrist has become emboldened and moved into this country with stealth and deception. It is time to identify the leader of the conspiracy and kick him out of this country, through repentance, praying and fasting this can be done, it first takes humbleness.

The battle lines have been drawn and I believe Americans have 18-24 months to decide what turn we are going to take, we can stand at the crossroad, turn right towards righteousness or left towards demise. The choice is ours, and time is not on our side, the NWO order movement is determined to achieve their desire and Satan’s spirit is feeding on that desire to achieve his goal to rule the world. https://www.removals.co.uk https://silber-gartengestaltung.de


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